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1. How do I return to the Aging and Disability Resource Center home page?
2. How do I contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)?
3. How can I help my elderly parent at home?
4. I need help with yard work, what should I do?
5. Are there any resources to help me stretch my food and grocery budget?
6. I don’t think I can afford help. What can I do?
7. What is assisted living and does Medicare pay for it?
8. Where can an older adult find affordable housing?
9. I need a piece of medical equipment for a short time; can I borrow rather than buy it?
10. Are there any legal resources available for the elderly or disabled?
11. What can I do if I believe an elderly or physically disabled person is being abused or neglected?
12. What is the profile of a perpetrator of elder abuse?
13. What is self-neglect?
14. What transportation services are available to older adults and adults with physical disabilities?
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