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  1. Kenosha County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) - How are we doing?

    Customer Satisfaction

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  1. Stepping On Information and Workshop Registration

    Stepping On is a seven-week workshop using adult education to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help older adults prevent... More…

  2. Website Survey

    Feedback form for improving the ADRC website.

Children and Family Services Foster Care - I want to help

  1. I Want to Help!

    To be used for A Child's Journey to Safety


  1. Bike to Work Weeks Contest

    Complete this form during the weeks of June 6-20, 2020, in order to enter a drawing. Enter once for each day you have ridden to work... More…


  1. Narcan Info Form
  1. Registration for Those in Phase 1A and 1B Organizations and Individuals to be connected to a Vaccine Provider

    Use this form if you are an organization or individual who would like to be connected with a COVID-19 vaccine provider