How do I become a Foster Parent?
Because of the important, complex role foster parents play, the Division of Children and Family Services utilizes Community Impact Foster Care Program to carefully assess all applicants and provide the opportunity for prospective foster parents to assess themselves before they accept the role of foster parent.

You may want to call the Community Impact Foster Care Program at 262-654-1004 to obtain information brochures and discuss your questions and concerns with a foster care specialist.

If your family wishes to move forward, a Foster Care Program specialist will come to your home to acquaint you with the process and explain the forms, training and process you will be asked to complete.

The Foster Care Program specialist will schedule a home study/visit(s) with each prospective foster family to determine whether state licensing requirements are met. Part of the state requirements include a criminal background check, personal references, proof of physical health and insurances.

The process takes from 1-2 months and there is no fee. The Community Impact Program Specialist will be available every step of the way to guide you through the process.

Prior to a home having a placement of a child, each foster parent is required to attend a 6 hour training. Thereafter, foster parents are required to complete additional foundation training. After the first two years, foster parents are required to attend 10 hours of on-going training. Foster Care license’s are reviewed for re-licensing every 2 years.

When approved, a family is then considered available to care for foster children. The request of the foster parents as well as the individual needs of the child will determine when a placement occurs in your home.

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