Why should I take the speed test?

By taking the speed test, you are helping Kenosha County and your local community achieve greater access to high-speed internet. 

The more Kenosha County residents and businesses take the speed test, the more likely it is that internet service providers who serve the County will qualify for grants from the State of Wisconsin and the federal government. Typically, grant money is allocated to areas with the lowest download and upload speeds. 

The data collected from this test may also be used for school district and government planning.  

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1. How do I take the speed test?
2. What does the speed test do?
3. What will this test be used for?
4. Is the speed test important?
5. Why should I take the speed test?
6. If I cannot get internet access, what should I do?
7. Is there a way for me to see what internet services the federal government thinks are available at my address?
8. Is the test data protected?
9. Will Kenosha County receive grants from the state and federal governments?
10. Didn’t Kenosha County already have a push to improve broadband services? What’s different this time?
11. Is Kenosha County the only county in Wisconsin participating in the speed test?