What Information is available?

Information on the web portal is by tax year. By tax year selected…

  • Web Pages
    • Parcel: Ownership, address, parcel metrics, parent/child relationships, notes, legal description, township-range-section information, districts, and GIS map
    • Taxes: Net mill rate, bill address, installments, lottery claims, tax bill details, tax history, payments, interest/penalty calculation (based on user inputted date)
    • Assessments: Assessment ratios, class valuations (land, improvements, total)
    • Buildings: Metrics and classifications of all buildings on the property
    • Documents: Relevant documents recorded on the property
    • GIS Map: Link to the GIS mapping system
  • Reports(via command buttons on the website)
    • Property Summary Report (Parcel, Taxes, Assessments, or Documents Tab)
    • Tax Bill (Taxes Tab)
    • Tax Balance Report (Taxes Tab)

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1. How do I access the new Property Inquiry Website?
2. What Information is available?
3. What is the format/layout of the new Property Inquiry Website?
4. With what information am I able to search on for parcels?