How long does it take to obtain a zoning permit?

Zoning permits for minor structures, such as residential decks and fences or outbuildings, can generally be issued right away on a first come, first serve basis, assuming all zoning issues are addressed in the application. You can expect the process to take about a half hour or less. Please ensure that if you send an agent or contractor to pull the permit for you that he/she is informed of the proposed project well enough to answer any questions the Land Use Specialist may have during the permitting process. If you wish to speak with a Land Use Specialist, please call (262) 857-1895.

You should expect to wait about five working days from the date of application for larger projects, such as new residential/commercial construction, residential/commercial additions, sign permits, antenna co-locations, etc. It is highly recommended that you speak face to face with a Land Use Specialist when dropping off your application packet to ensure that all issues have been addressed.

Be aware that the zoning code allows up to thirty days for the office to formally approve or deny a zoning permit application. Below is an excerpt from the zoning ordinance regarding time limits for review.

12.05-3 Time Limits
All permits, except conditional use permits and stipulated shoreland permits, shall be granted or denied in writing, within 30 days after application, by the Office of Planning and Zoning Administration. All stipulated shoreland permits shall be granted or denied within 60 days after application, unless the time is extended by mutual agreement. The applicant shall post any permit granted in a conspicuous place at the site. All zoning permits shall expire within 18 months. Any permit issued in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance shall be null and void.

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