Do I need a permit to cut/remove trees on my property?

The Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development does not issue permits for tree removal. However, regulations are in place to limit tree/shrub clearing near waterways.

Section 12.18-2 of the Zoning Ordinance states: 12.18-2 Tree Cutting and Shrubbery Clearing
The cutting of trees and shrubbery shall be regulated to protect natural beauty, control erosion and reduce the flow of effluents, sediments and nutrients from the shoreland area. In the strip of land 35 feet wide inland from the ordinary high water mark, no more than 30 feet in any 100 feet (30%) shall be clear-cut. In shoreland areas more than 35 feet inland, trees and shrubbery cutting shall be governed by the consideration of the effect on water quality and consideration of sound forestry practices and soil conservation practices. The tree and shrubbery cutting regulations required by this paragraph shall not apply to the removal of dead, diseased or dying trees or shrubbery. Paths and trails shall not exceed ten (10) feet in width and shall be so designed and constructed as to result in the least removal and disruption of shoreland cover and the minimum impairment of natural beauty. 

In addition to regulations limiting tree/shrub clearing near waterways, woodlands are protected under the C-2 Upland Conservancy District zoning classification: The C-2 Upland Resource Conservancy District is intended to preserve, protect, enhance and restore all significant woodlands, areas of rough topography, and related scenic areas. Regulation of these areas will serve to control erosion and sedimentation and will promote and maintain the natural beauty of Kenosha County. Tree clearing is prohibited in the C-2 Upland Conservancy District except for the construction of a driveway and permitted structures, removal of dead and diseased vegetation and removal of invasive species.

If you should have questions regarding the integrity of your woodlands or the species thereon, feel free to contact the county Conservation Planner at the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development at (262) 857-1895.

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