I have heard of County sanitary permits – When are these issued?

County sanitary permits are issued in unique situations arise where a state sanitary permit is not warranted. 

For example, a property owner would like to add a room/rooms to an existing building where a state sanitary permit has been issued, and the POWTS was installed for over 2 years. During the “addition” building process, it will be necessary to disconnect the existing POWTS for a period of time and then reconnect it to the structure via the new building addition. 

Another example might be a property owner who wants to put up an outbuilding with a bathroom in it. A county sanitary permit can be issued so long as the existing POWTS is a code-compliant installation previously inspected by the department's staff. 

For further details on a county sanitary permit issuance and when they may be necessary, you can contact the Kenosha County Department of Planning and Development.

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