What do I have to do to construct a pond?

A determination must first be made whether the pond location is in a shoreland, floodplain or wetland area. Kenosha County does not require a general permit to dig a pond that is located outside the floodplain, shoreland and wetland zoning districts. We do require minimal, reasonable setbacks from property lines, structures, roads, septic, wells, etc. Most of the towns require a land disturbance permit and the WDNR may require a permit. Also, other subdivision covenants, easements, or deed restrictions may apply. However, if a pond is located outside a shoreland/wetland zoning district, but disturbs a total land surface area of 4,000 square feet or more; or involves excavation or filling, or a combination of excavation and filling, in excess of 400 cubic yards of material an erosion control permit is required Ponds built within the shoreland require a County stipulated shoreland permit, ponds are generally not permitted in the floodplain or connected to a navigable waterway. A wildlife pond may be created in wetland (C-1 Zoning District) with proper permits and approval of the Land Use Committee. A wildlife pond cannot exceed an average depth of 5-feet and side slopes cannot exceed a gradient of 1-foot vertical to 5-feet horizontal. Wetland disturbance will require a water quality certification from the WDNR and possibly the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Additionally, please contact the local township to determine if any town permits are required. Most ponds will require a permit or approval, please contact these agencies to inquire about the procedure for a pond at your location. 

Visit the WDNR website for more information.

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