I have been told I need to get a "Legal description" of my property. Where do I obtain that?

In most cases your deed should have a complete legal description, however the Register of Deeds office cannot verify that the information on your deed is correct.  A copy of your deed may be purchased at the Register of Deeds Office. The cost for a 1 page document is $2.00 with each additional page costing $1.00.

While this seems simple enough, it can be complicated by two factors. If your property consists of a number of small parcels that have been combined over time, a simple concise legal description may not exist. The opposite can also be a problem. Your property may have previously been a large parcel from which smaller parcels were sold off. In both of these cases, several documents and some interpretation may be required to construct an accurate legal description.

If the history of your parcel fits into either of the above descriptions, you should contact a registered land surveyor for professional assistance in writing an accurate, updated legal description.

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