Who sets up community service work ordered by the court?

Juvenile Intake has a list of resources for community service in Kenosha County. They also keep track of the amount of community service work that has been completed. The parent(s) and child will receive a letter from Juvenile Intake regarding an appointment to discuss the community service site. Juvenile Intake will also regularly send letters reminding the child and parent(s) of the community service work obligation and the number of hours remaining.

The child and parent(s) may find their own source for community service work. For example, it could be an elderly person in the neighborhood who needs help with yard work or shoveling snow. Nursing homes, churches or other non-profit organizations are also sources for community service. 

An adult must keep track of the number of hours completed and give it to the caseworker or directly to Juvenile Intake. Forms are available for this purpose. Discuss this issue with the assigned caseworker for more information.

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