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2016 TTTL 3rd Quarter Issue 3 2016 TTTL 3rd Quarter Issue 3
New loans for portable farm storage and handling equipment, FSA county committee period open until august 1st, FSAfarm+ program allows producer access to their fsa farm data 2016 prairie walk September 28th, Kenosha County joins the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission, Web soil survey provides basic information for land management decisions, Earn $3000/acre with grassed buffer program, $28 per acre for developing a nutrient management plan, Agriculture grants and financing workshop, Webinar series on Ag Land Leasing, Estate Planning & Farm Succession, Racine & Kenosha county fairs, UW-Extension day at the State Fair.
Issue 2 2nd Quarter 2016 Issue 2 2nd Quarter 2016
Issue 3 Third Quarter 2015 Issue 3 Third Quarter 2015
Understanding USDA farm loans it is county committee election time July interest rates, Curious about apiculture, Racine Kenosha Beekeepers Association, USDA Pollinator Habitat Initiative Program, Local work groups, NRCS program signups, NRCS staffing update, From one “field” to another, 2015 Racine County Land Conservation Tree and Shrub Program, Racine County Fair July 29th through August 2nd, Grassed waterways in 2016, Gypsy moth infestations & investigations, Updated report on Wisconsin agricultural land prices, 2015 Farm Fresh Atlas of Southeastern Wisconsin available online, Pricing hay? Try the new University of Wisconsin Extension app, Wisconsin farm technology days: Dane County August 25-27, 2015
Issue 2 Second Quarter 2015 Issue 2 Second Quarter 2015
ARCPLC Deadline Extended to April 7, 2015, April 2015 interest rates submit loan requests for financing early, What is a flood? Determining the risk and understanding your area, Farmland and wetland easements- applications accepted until April 30, 2015, Racine County Tree & Shrub pick up reminder, $28 per acre for developing a nutrient management plan, 2015 Youth Tractor Safety Certification Course
Issue 4 Fourth Quarter 2014 Issue 4 Fourth Quarter 2014
Join the Ties to the Land Partners for our 8th Annual Rural Landowners Conference, Farm Fresh Atlas Applications Now Available, The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Is Back! Floodplain Regulations, Land and Water Resource Funds Available, New and Revised USDA Programs! Plan Ahead for High Priority Program Screening
Issue 3 Third Quarter 2014 Issue 3 Third Quarter 2014
County Committee Nomination Period Ends August 1st 2012 & 2013, ELAP Losses Must be Filed by August 1, 2014 for Honeybee, Livestock and Farm-Raised Fish Losses, July Interest Rates, Watch for Future Details About Farm Bill Informational Meetings, USDA Announces Programs to Conserve Sensitive Land and Help Retiring and Beginning Farmers, Variety of Job Opportunities Throughout the State, Visit Farm Commons for Resources and Legal Information Targeted To Farmers, Save the Date: Rural Landowner Workshop Saturday, November 1st, Give Cover Crops a Try, 5 Steps to Assistance, How to get Assistance from NRCS for Farms, Ranches, and Forests, Racine County Fair July 23-27, Non-Metallic Mining, Gypsy Moth Infestations & Investigations, 2013 Custom Rate Guide Now Available, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days: Portage County August 12-14
Issue 2 2nd quarter 2014 Issue 2 2nd quarter 2014
New Farm Bill Provides Permanent Livestock Disaster Assistance Programs, Farm Storage Facility Loan Program, Enhanced for Fruit and Vegetable Producers Want To Know More About The 2014 Farm Bill? April 2014 Interest Rates, What’s in the Farm Bill for Farm Service Agency Customers? Microloan Program 2013 Average Crop Revenue Election (Acre) Program Third Party Requests Kenosha County Dairy Breakfast, Report Farm Record Changes, The Benefits of Native Plants, Short Rotation Woody Crops – The Hybrid Poplar, Kenosha County Tree Pickup, Kenosha County Household Waste Collection in May, Soil Health-Key Points, Racine Tree & Shrub Pick Up Reminder, Farm Equipment and Road Integrity, New Staff With Racine County, New Racine County LCD Phone Number, 2014 Youth Tractor Certification Course, Joint Agency Calendar- April Through June 2014
Issue 1 1st quarter 2014 Issue 1 1st quarter 2014
Committee Advisor Nominations, New County Committee Ballots Mailed, 2014 Acreage Reporting Dates, Program for Farmers with Disabilities, Commodity Loan Reminders, FSA Dates to Remember, FSA Interest Rates, Kenosha County Farmland Preservation Plan Adopted, Conservation Stewardship Program Payments, Get Tiling Requests in Now!, Wildlife Damage Program, Racine County Farmland Preservation Plan Adopted, Racine Co. Riparian Buffers, Animal Waste Ordinance, UW Extension Workshop Series- Small Businesses and Farmers, Quickbooks and Beyond
Issue 3 3rd Quarter 2013 Issue 3 3rd Quarter 2013
The COC Election Process Is Important! Understanding Wetland Compliance and Program Eligibility, Information about “Sodbusting”, Planning Ahead For 2014? Microloans Are Available! Farm Storage Facility Loans (Loans For Grain Bins, Dryers, Hay Storage, Etc), July 2013 Interest Rates Bank Changes? - Let Us Know! Acreage Reporting- Change In Deadline For 2014, Upcoming FSA Dates And Deadlines, New Wetland Identification Program, Looking For Conservation Programs? Plant and Earn! Update on Farmland Preservation Program, Manure Spreading Standards, Non-Metallic Mining, Farm Transition/Succession Planning Workshop September 25th, Agricultural Clean Sweep Collection October 3-4
Issue 2 2nd Quarter 2013 Issue 2 2nd Quarter 2013
General sign-up announced for conservation reserve program, DCP and acre signup going on now, Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers claims must be filed by May 1st, 2013, Microloans now available! Farm storage facility loans (loans for grain bins, dryers, hay storage, etc), April 2013 interest rates entrepreneurship (youth) loans, Upcoming FSA dates and deadlines, Grow native shrubs for wildlife! Kenosha county tree order pickup, NRCS staffing update, Compliance to maintain USDA program eligibility, Racine county tree program pickup, Cost share funding-watch for washouts this spring, Root river watershed-riparian buffers, 2013 youth tractor safety certification course
Issue 1 1st Quarter 2013 Issue 1 1st Quarter 2013
Welcome to senior farm loan officer, Carol Nagel! Committee says goodbye to Mike Weinkauf, New County committee member elected FSA reminds producers of the dairy indemnity payment program December 2012 interest rates request authorization for snowmobile trails on CRP application deadline for NAP spring-seeded crops approaching changes to form 1099-G and 1099-MISC for FSA producers and vendors, Silver Lake Icehouse Trail, NRCS offers new opportunities for farms, woodlands and wildlife, Root river watershed-riparian buffers, E-waste recycling event held on November 3rd, Quickbooks for farmers Annie’s project-a program for farm women
Issue 4 4th Quarter 2012 Issue 4 4th Quarter 2012
Welcome Kristin Loock, Hispanic and Women Farmers, When Cabbage was King! Conservation Programs, Fund for Lake Michigan Grant, Tree and Shrub Sale, Student Poster Contest
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2012 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2012
Electronic Check Processing, Managing Hay on CRP Land, NAP Crop Losses Deadlines, Farm Safety, Highly Erodible Lands, Wisconsin Farm Loan Programs, New FEMA Maps for Kenosha County, Conservation Challenge, Dry Weather and Conservation, Back to the Fair, Drought and Wetlands, Environmental Poster Contest, Upcoming Event, Farmer to Farmer Website
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2012 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2012
DCP/ACRE Deadline, MILC Program Updates, Loans for Socially Disadvantaged, Acreage Reporting, Hay Net, FSA Payment Record 1099-G, Commodity Loans, Unauthorized Disposition of Grain, Nutrient Management Planning, Wetland Compliance Rules, Highly Erodible Lands, Tree and Shrub Pick-up Reminder, Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, Grass Waterways, New Staff, Youth Tractor Safety Program
Issue 1:  1st Quarter 2012 Issue 1: 1st Quarter 2012
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2011 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2011
Important Newsletter Update, County Committee Election, Evelyn’s Retirement, Entrepreneurial Loans, AGI Forms, State E-Newsletter, Beginning Farmer Loans, Storage Facility Loans, Kenosha Annual Tree Program, Land and Water Resource Cost-share, Nutrient Management Planning, State Tree Nurseries – Seed Gathering, NRCS Conservation Programs, Emerald Ash Borer, Wildlife Damage, Racine Annual Tree Program, Rural Landowner Conference Information
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2011 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2011
Evelyn’s Retirement, Newsletter Update, E-Newsletter Info, County Committee Election, Youth Entrepreneurship Loans, Dates to Remember, Farm Conservation Maintenance, 2011 Livestock Indemnity Program, 5th Annual SE WI Rural Landowner Workshop, Phragmites, NRCS Staffing Update, Fiscal Year 2011 NRCS Program Updates, Tree Sale Update, Maintaining Drainage Systems, Grassed Waterways and CREP, See you at the Fair, Kenosha County Household Hazardous Waste, Premise ID Rules
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2011 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2011
CRP Sign Up, 2009 SURE Sign Up, E-Newsletter, Youth Loans, DCP and ACRE Sign Up Deadlines, Farmland Preservation Tax Credits, Compliance for Program Eligibility, Tree and Shrub Pick Up Information, Gypsy Moth Caterpillars, Poster Contest, Residential Wind Energy Facilities, Custom Rate Information, Horse Workshop
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2010 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2010
Issue 3: 3rd Quarter  2010 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2010
2010 Acreage Reporting and Commodity Loan Rates, SURE for 2008 Disaster, Crop Insurance Deadlines, CRP General Sign-up Info, County Committee Elections, Facility Loan Program, New Farmland Preservation Program, Conservation Compliance Requirements, Southeast Wisconsin Rural Landowner Conference, 2010 Racine County Tree and Shrub Program, Well Abandonment, Farmland Meetings for Waterford and Burlington, Agricultural Standards and Prohibitions, Racine County Fair Booth.
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2010 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2010
Lori Edquist Returns, Owner’s & Contract Signatures, Financial Info Online, Farm Storage Facility Loan, Interest Rates, Grain Quality, SURE Sign-up, New FSA Staff Responsibilities, Adjusted Gross Income Info, Kenosha County Technical Assistance, Cost Share Availability, Nutrient Management Planning, Kenosha County Tree Pick Up, Alternatives for Household Cleaning Products, Manure Runoff, Racine County Tree Pick Up, Look-out for the Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth Spraying, Tractor Safety Information
Issue 1:  First Quarter 2010 Issue 1: First Quarter 2010
Linda Feldkamp Retirement, Sign up for 2010 DCP/ACRE, 9 Month Commodity Loan Year End Analysis, Report Bank Account Changes, Adjusted Gross Income Information, Continuous CRP, SURE Disaster Program Update, Farm Storage Facility Loans, Conservation Tour, Conservation Poster Contest, Working Lands Initiative Information, SE WI Invasive Species Consortium, Pesticide Applicator Training Information, Putting Your Idea to the Test Course.
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2009 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2009
2009 County Committee Election, Continuous CRP, Snowmobile Trails on CRP Land, Commodity Loans, MILC Program, 2010 NAP Program, Crop Insurance Deadlines Storage Facility Loans, Kim’s New Son, Conservation Stewardship Program, Emerald Ash Borer in Kenosha County, Wisconsin Gypsy Moth Suppression Program, Wisconsin Damage Deer Program, Tree and Shrub Sale, Upcoming Events.
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2009 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2009
DCP/ACRE Sign-up Deadline Approaching, SURE Program, 2009 Acreage Reporting and Commodity Loan Rates, Farm Storage Facility Loans, Crop Insurance Deadlines, 2009 COC Election Information, MILC Payments, Rural Landowner Conference Brochure, Kenosha County Conservation Cost Share Available, Farmland Preservation Credit, Farmland Tax Relief Credit, Home and Garden Tips for New Construction.
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2009 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2009
DCP/ACRE under the 2008 Farm Bill, Financial Info Available Online, HEL and WC, Carbon Credits on CRP, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Limits, New Payment Limitation Requirements “Orange Envelopes”, SURE Program, Resales Website, Pollinators are the Good Guys, Wisconsin Working Lands Initiative, 2009 Conservation Project Funding, New Racine Staff, Racine Tree Pick Up, Agricultural Land Preservation, Sainfoin Not Recommended for Wisconsin, Upcoming Events
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2008 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2008
2008 County Committee Election, Late Filed Crop Reports, Dairy Producers Info, 2008 DCP Sign-ups, ECP Program Sign-up, Continuous CRP Available, 2009 NAP, 2008-2012 ACT Disaster Programs, Keep Corn Residue on HEL, Grassed Waterway Systems, Wildlife Damage Program, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Upcoming Events.
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2008 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2008
New Farm Bill, New Employee - Jeanette Held, NAP Program, 2008 Compliance and Spot Check Reviews, Upcoming County Committee Elections, Commodity Loans, Acreage Reports Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation, Farmland Preservation Program, Nutrient Management Planning Cost-share Available, Racine County Flooding, New Wetland Information Rural Landowner Workshop Information
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2008 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2008
Welcome Milwaukee County, Committee Election Results, Minority Advisor Appointed, 2005 – 2007 Crop Disaster Program, Livestock Compensation Program, Dairy Program Coming, 2007 Farm Bill Update, Report Farm and Personal Changes, Conservation Compliance, Commodity Loans, 2008 Expiring CRP Contracts, Continuous CRP and CREP, Foreign Landowner Certification, Electronic Information Available, Nutrient Management Planning, Continuous CRP, Racine Co Tree Pick-Up, Land and Water Funds, Grassed Waterway Cost-Share Funding, Seno Center Workshop Dates, Conference Topics Survey Help Requested
Issue 1:  1st Quarter 2008 Issue 1: 1st Quarter 2008
Crop Disaster Program, 2007 Farm Bill Update, Farm Operation & Personal Information Changes, Commodity Loans and LDP’s, NAP Coverage Deadline, CRP and CREP Sign-up, Co Committee Elections, Co Committee Minority Advisors, Retiring County Committee Member, Foreign Landowner Notification, Guaranteed Line of Credit, E-Sign on, Racine Co Tree Orders, Well Decommissioning, Nutrient Management Classes, Kenosha Co Tree Order Form, Pesticide Applicator Training/Testing, New Book Highlights WI’s Rural Area
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2007 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2007
Crop Disaster Program, Direct Payments, Commodity Loans and LDPs, NAP Program Sign-Up, MILC Payments Suspended, Accuracy in Payments Compliance, Linda Feldkamp Celebrates 40 Years of Service, New Racine LCD Employee, August Rains and Flooding, Racine Tree Program, Wildlife Damage Program, Managing Trees on Your Property Brochure, We Energies Agricultural Incentive Programs, Workers Compensation Information
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2007 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2007
Acreage Reporting, MILCX Contracts, CRP Information, Storage Facility Loans, Loans for Women and Minorities, COC Elections, USDA Resale Website, Impacts of Converting CRP Land to Corn, Lawn and Garden Tips, Racine County’s New County Conservationist, Corn on Corn, Land and Water Resource Management Plan, Cropland Erosion Survey, Agricultural Clean Sweep
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2007 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2007
DCP Sign-up, Conservation Compliance, MILCX Contracts, Fruit & Vegetable Planting, DCP Enrollment On-line, CRP Expiring Contracts, Wool & Mohair Loans and LDPs, USDA Resale Website, FSA County Committee Minority Advisors,Master Woodland Program, Wildlife Damage Program, NMP Sign-up , Commercial vs. Private Pesticide Apllicators, and Chuck Seeger's Retirement Announcement
Issue 1:  1st Quarter 2007 Issue 1: 1st Quarter 2007
Updates on Payments, NAP Application Dates, LDP and Commodity Loans, New Elections, Toll Free Numbers, Kim's New Baby, Kenosha Tree Order Form, Carbon Credit Program, Racine's Livestock Siting Ordinance, Scrapie Program for Sheep
Issue 4:  4th Quarter 2006 Issue 4: 4th Quarter 2006
Changes to MILCX Start this Month, MAL and LDP Program Changes, Deadline For 2007 NAP Crops, Haying And Grazing Crop Acreage, Commodity and Disadvantage Loans, Emerald Ash Borer, Rules That Apply To Employment On Farms, Wetland and Ponds Workshop
Issue 3:  3rd Quarter 2006 Issue 3: 3rd Quarter 2006
2006 Acreage Reporting, Sheep & Wool Festival, FDA Hay/Grain Sale Requirements, Turkey Talk, Kenosha Website, Racine Conservation Goals
Issue 2:  2nd Quarter 2006 Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2006
Managing Nuisance Geese, Employment on Farms, Racine Conservation, Cyclical Programs, Managing Weeds Workshop
Issue 1:  1st Quarter 2006 Issue 1: 1st Quarter 2006
New Soil Conservationist, Fencing Law, Upcoming Events, Benefits of Native Plants, Managing Oak Wilt, Racine County Tree Program, Racine on the Web, SWRM Funds Available, FSA Staff, Commodity Loans and LDPs, Committee Elections, 2005 FSA Annual Notification