Screening Process

Screening Team

This team will consist of the Project Supervisor (Debbie McGrain), Family Advocate (Ginger Fobart), and Social Work Supervisor (Ron Rogers).

Screening Process

The screening team will meet on Friday mornings to review the referral materials that have come in during that week. The screening team may elect to have a psychological evaluation completed if needed. If the team determines that there is not enough information, they may meet with the referral source to further discuss the family’s situation.

Upon gathering all information and determining eligibility based on the SED and severe risk criteria, the screening team will make a determination. They will also take into consideration the ability of the program to serve the family based on current caseloads. A waiting list could be created in the future if we reach capacity.

If a child is determined eligible, a case manager will be assigned to engage the family, explain the process and get a commitment from the parents. The family is not enrolled until they agree to the program components and have completed an assessment interview with staff. We will do all we can to encourage parents to be involved with us. We will promote that they will be equal partners with us and we will be advocates for them. However, if they are not at all interested and refuse to meet with us and cooperate with the assessment they will not be enrolled.