Kenosha County Board of Health

About the Board

The Kenosha County Board of Health was established by Resolution No. 150 of the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors in accordance with Section 140.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes on January 10, 1992. 

The purpose of the board is to govern the Kenosha County Health Department, assure the enforcement of state public health statutes and rules, protect the health of the citizens of Kenosha County and provide public health services to the County.


  • Noon to 1:00 p.m.
  • Second Tuesday of the month as scheduled


Agendas are available prior to the meetings
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Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Julia Robinson, MSW, President, term expires March 17, 2024
    Julia Robinson is a City of Kenosha representative and lives in the City of Kenosha
  • Diane Gerlach, D.O., Vice President, term expires Feb. 4, 2023
    Dr. Gerlach is a physician at Aurora and the Kenosha Co. Division of Health Immunization Program Medical Director
  • Rita Ventura, DNP, FNP-BC, term expires Feb. 4, 2025
    Rita Ventura is a Nurse Practitioner at Children’s Hospital of WI, Kenosha
  • James C. Foster, M.D., M.P.H., term expires Feb. 4, 2024
    Dr. Foster has been a resident of Kenosha County since the early 1980s.  
  • Dr. Dominique Pritchett, Psy.D., LCSW, term expires Feb. 4, 2027
    Dr. Dominique Pritchett is a licensed therapist, speaker and consultant.  She is the owner of Beloved Wellness Center, a 100% virtual private practice based in Kenosha, WI.  Also, Dr. Pritchett is the lead consultant at Dominique Pritchett & Co. offering speaking and consulting services to corporations who are ready to create cultures of well-being and belonging.
  • Olatoye Baiyewu, term expires Feb. 4, 2027
    As Director of First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship Training, he is involved with issues that deal with workplace diversity.  His passion is getting all people to the table for equity and justice no matter the realm of affairs.
  • Kenny Harper, term expires Feb. 4, 2024
    Kenny Harper serves as a Financial Specialist at Harper Tax & Financial Literacy Group
  • Juan Torres, term expires Feb. 4, 2026
    Juan Torres is retired. He worked most recently as the Coordinator of Diversity/Student and Family Engagement for the Kenosha Unified School District.

History & Purpose

The Kenosha County Board of Health was created by Kenosha County Board of Supervisors Resolution #150 (February 4, 1992), in accordance with Chapter 140.09 of the Wisconsin Statutes. At that time, one countywide health department was created, and the city health department was dissolved. 

Chapter 140 has since been renumbered, and the chapter now relevant to the Health Department and the Board of Health is Chapter 251. Resolution #92 (December 2, 2008) amended Resolution #150 (February 4, 1992), primarily to add a City of Kenosha representative to the Board. Resolution #27 (January 5, 2021) incorporated the Board of Health Bylaws, which outline the best practices and the rules of operation. 

The Kenosha County Board of Health governs the Kenosha County Division of Health. It assures the enforcement of state public health statutes and public health rules of the health department. Among other duties, the Board of Health’s responsibilities include assessing public health needs and advocating for the provision of reasonable and necessary public health services.

Members & Terms

Chapter 251.03 of the Wisconsin Statutes requires that a local board of health shall consist of not more than 9 members. At least 3 of these members shall be persons who are not elected officials or employees of the governing body that establishes the local health department and who have a demonstrated interest or competence in the field of public health or community health. In appointing members who are not elected officials or employees, a good faith effort shall be made to appoint a registered nurse and a physician. Members of the local board of health shall reflect the diversity of the community. 

The Kenosha County Board of Health Bylaws state that in addition to the above, member make up will consist of one City of Kenosha representative, one Kenosha County Board member, and the balance with efforts to recruit persons with backgrounds and appropriate education credentials in fields representing the social determinants of health, including, but not limited to law enforcement, mental health, housing, transit, and commerce, and persons with backgrounds in science or public health. Board members shall be current members in good standing of the professional associations representing their respective professions.

The County Executive appoints members to the Board of Health, subject to confirmation by the County Board of Supervisors. Members serve staggered 5-year terms and receive no compensation.