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Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous system, including the brain. It is usually transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal (saliva) or in rare cases, contamination to an open cut or mucous membrane (for example, eyes, nostrils or mouth) via the saliva of a rabid animal.

In other instances, a bite from a seemingly healthy dog or cat still poses the remote possibility of transmission. The animal could be in the infectious phase of the disease but not be showing signs or symptoms of the rabies virus. In these rare cases, the animal will develop recognizable signs of the disease in a few days, allowing time to treat the bite victim as a preventive measure for rabies exposure.

More Information

Additional information about rabies in Wisconsin and fact sheets can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Rabies website.

Bats and Rabies

Dog Owners Responsibilities

  • Always carry equipment sufficient to clean-up your dog’s feces whenever you and your dog are off your property
  • City of Kenosha residents must have all animal feces removed and properly disposed of within 24 hours. Check with your Village or Township for local rules
  • Dogs must wear current rabies and license tags when outdoors
  • Do not allow your dog to defecate on any property, public or private (except your own property), unless you immediately remove and properly dispose of the waste
  • Do not allow your dog to trespass on public or private property or run at large, unleashed or unattended
  • Do not confine your dog in a vehicle in extreme (hot or cold) weather
  • Keep your dog leashed when off your property
  • Keep your dog’s rabies vaccination and dog license current. Dog licenses must be obtained annually
  • Never allow your dog to intimidate, attack or threaten another person or pet
  • Prevent your dog from injuring any person or animal and from damaging property

Cat Owners Responsibilities

  • City of Kenosha residents must have their cats licensed annually and have a current rabies vaccination. Check with your Village or Township for local rules
  • City of Kenosha residents must have their cats wear their license tag at all times when outdoors, unless they have a computer microchip inserted

General Information

  • Dogs are licensed in the municipality that you reside in, please contact your local city, village or town hall for more information
  • For animal bites in Kenosha County, outside the City of Kenosha and the Village of Pleasant Prairie, call 262-605-5100
  • For City of Kenosha animal bites, call 262-605-6700
  • For Village of Pleasant Prairie animal bites, call 262-694-7353
  • No person may own, harbor or keep in their possession, within the City of Kenosha, more than three dogs, cats or combination thereof, over the age of five (5) months.Check with your local village or town hall for local rules

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