What to Expect

Shortly after your entry to rehabilitation program, you will meet the members of your Rehabilitation Team. In order to appreciate the progress you will make during the visit, it is important for team members to perform a comprehensive evaluation…a description of your "starting point". This evaluation, with the assistance of you and your family, will help determine your special rehab goals and individual treatment plan. Along the way, you, your family and your rehab team will modify these goals based on your progress and wishes. Changes are accomplished through regular patient care conferences.

An Established Treatment Plan

When your treatment plan is established, you will receive a daily schedule. Efforts will be made to balance your therapy sessions with rest periods and to accommodate special recreational, religious or family events. You will also be exercising during your rehab program. The most commonly asked question is, "Why must I exercises?" Exercise is proven to decrease the adverse effects of your medical condition. Exercise will increase your strength and endurance so that you can begin to regain independence and control of your life.

Involved Family and Caregivers

We welcome your family members or caregivers to become closely involved in your therapy program and goals. At your invitation, they are encouraged to visit your therapy sessions to support you, share in your progress and help prepare you for your discharge. Your pet may also visit (check with the facility administrator for permission). Special social and educational programs are also available for you and your family.