Environmental Services


Brookside’s Housekeeping Department consists of dedicated employees who involve themselves in many aspects of daily life with our residents. Fond relationships are formed with the day-to-day presence of a housekeeper in their "home." It is not uncommon to walk by a room and see a resident and housekeeper sharing a story or reminiscing over a picture.

Using up-to-date cleaning methods and chemicals, our facility is the cleanest and safest around. Housekeeping is the connecting link between the different departments who serve our customers and our residents.


The Maintenance Department at Brookside employs talented, caring people who keep everything running smoothly. From simple things like programming a TV remote, to hanging pictures, to the operation of our boilers, our maintenance folks do it all. 

All of them have Class C boiler licenses and are qualified to do carpentry, plumbing, A/C work and grounds care for our 24 wooded acres. The Maintenance Department is the mortar between the blocks for this beautiful facility.


Brookside contracts our linen and our personal clothing laundering with an outside firm. Band Box Inc. delivers 5 days a week and does an outstanding job. New residents may elect to have their laundry done by this company or have a family member or neighbor launder their personal clothing.

Should you choose to have Brookside’s contractor wash your personal clothes, you MUST have a minimum of 10 to 12 complete changes of clothing. Brookside will discreetly mark every piece of clothing including any bedspreads or throws. We will also document what was brought in and marked. Hampers and soiled laundry bags are provided.