Life Enrichment Department

The Life Enrichment Department is led by a full-time Life Enrichment Director and has a support staff of one full-time Life Enrichment Coordinator, four full-time Life Enrichment assistants, and part-time team members. 

We offer scheduled activities seven days a week that are mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually stimulating. Residents are individually assessed to determine their unique leisure interests and then given the opportunity to pursue their goals.

Residents have the chance to re-enter the community with monthly trips, enjoy monthly entertainment, challenge themselves on our computers, or play a friendly game with their peers. Whatever your leisure interest may be, the Brookside Life Enrichment Department will do its best to achieve your expectations.

Calendar of Activities

From daily Coffee & News to monthly live entertainment, there is always an activity prepared for your loved one to become involved in the community here at Brookside. Check out this month’s activity calendar to see what fun activities are occurring right now at Brookside by visiting our "Staying Connected" page.

The Brookside Beacon

The "Brookside Beacon" is our monthly newsletter that allows us to keep communication open between the residents, staff, family, and friends of Brookside. Within its pages each month are articles, announcements, and other just-for-fun stories. 

Also included in each edition is our "Employee Spotlight," which focuses on our wonderful staff as we highlight and celebrate them. The Beacon is available at the front entrance, in each living room in the CBRF, and in each family room near the elevator.

Email Your Loved One

Do you know someone who is currently a resident at Brookside and would like to send them a "hello"? Well then send them an email today! Just put your loved one’s name in the subject line after "Message for:" and the Life Enrichment Department team will print your email and deliver it to them. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Stich, Life Enrichment Director, at 262-653-3834.

Email your loved one a message.