County Sanitary Permits


County sanitary permits shall be obtained prior to constructing and installing the following:

  • Vault privy
  • Indoor non-plumbing sanitation systems
  • Construction / reconnection to an existing system
  • Disconnection / reconnection of a system
  • Private interceptor sewer connections
  • Reconstruction of a structure connected to an existing POWTS and on-site renovation / treatment of an existing system

The application for a county sanitary permit form will be used for this process.


To verify that the components of the proposed and existing project will meet the minimum administrative code required standards.


You or your Wisconsin licensed plumber must submit all or a combination of the items listed under procedures to obtain a county permit.


Dependent on the particular modification, connection or installation being conducted on a POWTS or non-plumbing sanitation system, all or some of the following provisions shall apply:

  • A County Sanitary Permit Application must be completed by a plumber, an owner, his agent or a contractor. All modifications, connections, re-connections, etc. entailing plumbing or construction on a POWTS shall require the permit application to be completed by a licensed plumber. Non-plumbing sanitation system installations may have its permit application completed by the owner, his agent or a contractor provided the application includes the owner’s signature.
  • All submitted plan paperwork shall be on paper no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches.
  • Complete design plans as specified in Chapter 15.04-4 of this ordinance.
  • All items in Chapter 15.04-3 may be required as part of the application submittal.
  • For all systems utilizing in situ soil for treatment and final dispersal, a soil and site evaluation report shall be required to document compliance with the vertical soil separation requirement as stated in SPS 383.03(2)(b)2.a and b, Wisconsin Administrative Code regarding estimated seasonal high groundwater and / or bedrock. If a soil test is not on file with the County, or if the one on file does not provide adequate documentation, then a new soil and site evaluation must be conducted.
  • An evaluation and a report conducted by a licensed plumber, a certified septage servicing operator or a POWTS inspector relative to the condition, capacities, baffles, manhole covers and risers for any existing treatment component or holding tank. The report shall be on a form provided by the County and must be completed to the satisfaction of the Sanitarian.
  • An evaluation and report by a licensed plumber or POWTS inspector relative to the conditions and capacities of all other dispersal components and verifying that the system is not failing by definition and that it will be capable of handling the proposed wastewater flow and contaminant load from the building to be served.
  • Re-connection to an existing holding tank may require a new servicing contract and a holding tank agreement which meets current requirements of this ordinance.
  • Re-connection to an existing POWTS may require a new maintenance agreement.
  • The site plan prepared for the particular POWTS modification / re-connection shall document all minimum setback requirements of the Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter 383.
  • When re-connecting to an undersized system is permitted by Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapters 383 and 384 an affidavit of per capita sizing must be recorded with the Register of Deeds.
  • All modifications / installation shall be inspected by the county at the time of completion prior to backfilling to insure compliance has been maintained.

See the forms page for the required documents for sanitary permit issuance.