Kenosha County Farmland Preservation Plan

Kenosha County Farmland Preservation Plan - 2nd Edition Officially Adopted

On November 19, 2013, the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors adopted a comprehensive rewrite of the Kenosha County Farmland Preservation Plan to meet new state standards under Chapter 91, Wisconsin Statutes. This plan will guide county’s farmland and agricultural industry and preserve agricultural land and natural resource areas into the future. Kenosha County intends to use land use planning, zoning regulations, and the development of potential agricultural enterprise areas to preserve farmland and support the economic contributions of the agricultural industry.

The Kenosha County Farmland Preservation Plan delineates Farmland Preservation Areas (FPAs) throughout Kenosha County. An FPA is an area that is planned primarily for agriculture use or agriculture-related use. The Farmland Preservation Areas are designated on the Farmland Preservation Plan Map for Kenosha County. Farmland Preservation Areas meet the recommended prime agricultural land mapping criteria or are areas of local significance as identified by local officials and farmers.

For a landowner to be eligible for State farmland preservation tax credits in 2014, lands must first be located in a Farmland Preservation Area and be in compliance with the State Agricultural Performance Standards. (Note: as long as your land is still considered agricultural for assessment purposes, you should still be eligible for "use value assessment," regardless of how your property is depicted on the farmland preservation plan map.)

A Farmland Preservation Plan For Kenosha County 2nd Edition

Large Scale Farmland Preservation Maps