Support the Dog Parks


There wouldn’t be any dog parks in Kenosha or Kenosha County if it weren’t for the efforts of the Dog Parks Planning Committee and friends of the park like yourself. As the dog parks are solely funded by donations and not taxpayer money, we hope that every time you enjoy one of the dog parks you donate to keep them running and functional. Without monetary donations received by patrons of the dog parks, we would not be able to upgrade our parks, keeping them clean, safe and fun for both you and your pet.

One hundred percent of all donations go directly back to the dog park. Donations are accepted at the dog park (in the drop-box provided) or you can mail your check to:
Kenosha County Division of Parks
19600 75th Street
Bristol, WI 53104

It is our mission to continue to improve each of your dog parks. From trees and picnic tables to toys and tunnels - nothing but the best for our dog friends.


Donations of time are just as important. The Kenosha County Dog Parks are successful because of the volunteers who contribute their time and talents to help support the parks. Anyone 18 years or older can volunteer at Kenosha County Dog Parks by contacting the Kenosha County Division of Parks at 262-857-1869 and becoming a member of the Friends of Kenosha County Dog Parks.

Volunteer Expectations

Volunteers are asked to be the "eyes and ears and voice" of the parks. If you see something that is broken or needs attention, contact the Division of Parks. For any problems on site at the dog parks, contact the Sheriff’s Department dispatcher (phone number posted on kiosk).

Volunteers are asked to staff the park to do the following:

  • Be available to answer questions
  • Enforce all dog park rules. It will be especially important to remind pet owners to pick up after their dogs
  • "Politely" monitor that dogs have dog park tags or owners have paid the daily fee