Pre - Trial Facility

Pre-Trial Detention FacilityAbout the Facility

The safe secure operation of the County Jail is the major responsibility and source of potential liability for the Sheriff. The efficient and effective operation of this facility is a benchmark by which the overall safety of the community can be measured.

Housed on the second floor of the Public Safety Building, the County Jail functions as the only Pre-Trial Detention Facility servicing the needs of all law enforcement. Intentionally unobtrusive in design, together with it’s nearly undetectable location, this facility and it’s 80 member staff, are required to operate a fully functional detention operation 24 hours a day 365 day a year. The facility must be capable of addressing the diverse needs required for; a primary intake point for all arrested persons, holding area for Wisconsin Probation and Parole detainees. The County Jail must always possess the operational readiness and flexibility to securely and safely handle anyone remanded to the custody of the Sheriff, including those persons who are violence prone or combative, alcohol or drug enhanced, as well as those with special medical conditions including physical and mental disabilities.