Recording Fees

Recording & Filing Fees

Wisconsin Statutes govern fees and are uniform throughout the state.

Recorded Documents

Recorded documents will be returned to sender or designee.
Type of Recorded Item Fee
Deeds, mortgages, land contracts, satisfactions, etc. and miscellaneous documents entitled to be recorded in the Register of Deeds Office $30
Non-Probate transferring joint property through Register of Deeds Office $30

Filed Documents

Filed documents are not returned to the sender.
Filed Document Type Fee
Certified Survey Maps $30
Federal Tax Liens $30
Filed documents for which no other fee is specified in Wisconsin Statutes $30


Recorded plats are not returned to the sender.
Plat Type Fee
Subdivision Plats $50
Cemetery Plats $50
Condominium Plats $50
Transportation Project Plats $25

Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statements

Type of Statement Fee
UCC-1 Financing Statement Real Estate Fixture Filing $30
UCC-3 Amendment, et al (for example: Real Estate) $30
Terminations $30
Copies of Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) $2 a page

Please use the National Form and Addendums effective July 1, 2001. Only real estate filings will be filed with this county, all other filings must be sent to the Department of Financial Institutions in Madison.


Original First Page Fee Each Additional Page Fee
Copy of recorded or filed documents, unless listed differently below $2 $1
Copy of plats $3 $3
Copy of discharge papers No charge No charge

The certification fee is $1 for copies of the above documents. There is no certification fee for copies of UCC financing papers.

Vital Records Fee Schedule

Type of Vital Record First Copy Fee Additional Copies Fee
Amendments to Vital Records $10 N/A
Birth Certificates $20 $3
Death Certificates $20 $3
Delayed Birth Record $10 N/A
Domestic Partnership $20 $3
Legitimization of Child $10 N/A
Legitimization of Child, if child's name changes $20 N/A
Marriage Certificates $20 $3
Termination of Domestic Partnership $20 $3
Verification of Birth Fee $7 N/A

According to Wisconsin State Statute, a certified copy of a vital record is only available to persons with a direct and tangible interest.

Miscellaneous Fees

Record Type Fee
Birth Record Search $20
Domestic Partnership $20
Marriage / Death Record Search $20
Real Estate Search $5
Termination of Domestic Partnership $20