Emergency Notification Alerting System

Kenosha County residents have been able to call 911 for police, fire or medical assistance for quite some time now but you may not be aware that Kenosha Sheriff’s Division of Emergency Management has the ability of alerting its citizens through a mass notification system similar to a reverse 911 calling system.  We have the ability to send voice and text messages that alert the community to a wide variety of potential emergencies countywide or a very specific geographical area. 

Alert Sense Sign Up Button

Alert Sense

The notification system is provided by Alert Sense. You can stay informed by choosing which alerts you would like to receive by checking the boxes. They range from alerts of severe weather to local crime situations.

Emergency Alerts

Receive alerts providing warning of life threatening events and emergencies, such as:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Evacuation Alert
  • Crime/Imminent Danger
  • Local Area Emergency
  • Missing Persons/Amber Alert

How Does It Work?

ZIP Code

Tell us what geographical area you wish to be notified about by entering a ZIP code. In order to send you information, we need to know the general area you are located in via your ZIP code.

Tip: Is your home a significant distance from work? Provide us a second ZIP code, and we’ll send you alerts for that area too.

Choose Your Alerts

Choose the alerts you wish to receive. We will automatically send you tornado watches and warnings for your chosen ZIP code(s).

Tip: Checking or unchecking the "all messages" checkbox will cause all other checkboxes to "check" or "uncheck".

Note: There are three types of weather alerts that you can receive through our system: warnings, watches and advisories. All three weather types are sent via email. Only warnings and tornado watches are sent as text messages to cell phones / pagers.

Where to Send Messages

Tell us what device to send text messages to. Fill in your cell phone, smartphone, blackberry, or pager number and select your provider from the dropdown. We only send text messages to these devices.