Division of Facilities Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Kenosha County Facilities Division to improve all building and grounds maintenance operations, minimize operating costs and provide a clean, safe and productive work environment for staff and the public by pursuing the following ideas:

  • Selective Technological Application: We are committed to investigating, recommending and implementing process/equipment technologies that will improve service quality/productivity and decrease maintenance/energy costs.
  • Work Process Definition: To ensure consistent levels of service quality and productivity – we will work to define and continuously improve our facilities maintenance work processes.
  • Customer Service: We will work cooperatively with our customers to understand their needs and organize/develop our available resources (staff, equipment and supplies) and meet their expectations.
  • Proactive Approach to Building Maintenance: Recognizing the cost-effectiveness of preventative maintenance – a culture will be developed within the Division that fosters a proactive approach to maintenance. Structured approaches for potential problem early detection and resolution will be developed and utilized.
  • Sustainable Approach to Facilities Design and Maintenance: Recognizing our visibility and responsibility in the Community to develop and maintain cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, energy efficient facilities – we will develop facilities design and maintenance programs consistent with these ideals.

Kenosha County’s Facilities Division is committed to pursuing the continuous improvement of the methods we employ for building and grounds design and maintenance. The Division exists to cost-effectively protect and maximize the useful life of the public’s capital investments while providing a secure, productive and energy efficient work environment.