Beach Conditions

BeachResultTemp.Date of Sampling
Alford ParkGood5708/30/23
Eichelman BeachGood6308/30/23
Pennoyer ParkGood6108/30/23
Simmons Island ParkGood6108/30/23
Southport ParkGood6308/30/23
Silver Lake Good N/A08/31/23
Old SettlersGoodN/A08/31/23
Hoag ParkGoodN/A08/31/23
PHLA BeachGoodN/A08/31/23
Lily LakeGoodN/A08/31/23
North Shore AssociationGoodN/A08/31/23
Sunset BeachGoodN/A07/31/23
Lance ParkGood N/A08/31/23
Musial BeachGoodN/A07/31/23
Lucille BeachGood N/A07/31/23
Center LakeGoodN/A08/31/23
Rock LakeGoodN/A08/31/23
Lake Shangri La (220th Court)GoodN/A08/31/23
Camp LakeGoodN/A08/31/23
Silver Lake - CogswellGood N/A08/31/23
Lake George (101st St)GoodN/A07/31/23
Lake George (187th Ave)Good N/A07/31/23
PHLA Diving BoardGoodN/A08/31/23
Hooker Boat LaunchGoodN/A08/31/23
Lake RussoGood

Testing the Lake Michigan Beaches in Kenosha

The Racine Health Department collects samples and tests for the Lake Michigan beaches. These results are given to the Kenosha County Division of Health, who are responsible for managing the beaches. The signage is changed when needed, based on the E.coli levels for the six Lake Michigan beaches.

Testing Kenosha County Inland Beaches

The Kenosha County Division of Health is responsible for testing inland county beaches that are requested to be tested by a town, municipality, or other managing body for inland lakes. The list of beaches and their conditions is posted here on the Kenosha County website. You can also call the Laboratory for direct results.

Testing Frequency

Beach water quality is tested from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The Lake Michigan beaches are tested at different frequencies. Eichelman and Simmons are medium priority beaches and are tested 3 times a week. Alford, Pennoyer, Southport and Prairie Shores are low priority and are tested 2 times a week. If the water is contaminated at any one of the beaches, those beaches are tested daily until the E.coli level returns to below the standard of 235 E.coli/100 mL of sample.

Inland county beaches that are requested to be tested are either tested weekly or monthly. This depends on the decision of the body making the request.