Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Being Prepared

Are you prepared for the weather emergencies that affect Kenosha County every year – floods, tornadoes, snowstorms, and ice storms? Do you have a home emergency supply kit? Have you thought about how pandemic influenza will affect you and your family? Public health plays an important role in community emergency preparedness, and you play an important role in preparing your family for any emergency that strikes.

As a partner with Kenosha County Emergency Management, law enforcement, fire/EMS, and local hospitals, the Kenosha County Division of Health is prepared to respond to any emergency that requires the assistance of our nurses, sanitarians, laboratory technicians, and public health support staff. In the event of a communicable disease outbreak or influenza pandemic, the Kenosha County Division of Health is prepared to establish mass clinics to immunize or medicate the entire population of Kenosha County. You must also be prepared to respond at home with emergency supplies of food, water, and medication; emergency weather/all hazards radios; and, other supplies that will sustain you and your family for three days to two weeks.

This webpage provides you with links to other websites that provide all the information you need to prepare for any type of emergency. Contact the Kenosha County Division of Health to help you and your family stay safe, healthy, and prepared!

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