Protective Services


CPS social workers assess the severity of the alleged maltreatment and the potential of future risk of harm to the child. After completing a thorough investigation of the report, a determination is made as to whether the division’s continued involvement is warranted.

The goal of CPS is to ensure that there is a safe home environment for the child and to provide the family with sufficient resources to adequately meet the physical and emotional needs of the child(ren). Protective services is dedicated to alleviating and, whenever possible, preventing harm to children while enhancing and maintaining the family unit. CPS social workers constantly deal with a number of multi-stressed families by providing family based services such as counseling and parenting education either directly or in conjunction with purchase-of-service programs. In 1993, CPS social workers began using wraparound services, consisting of highly individualized and innovative programming designed to address the specific needs and strengths of the family.