Children's Long-Term Support Waiver


The Children’s Long Term Support (CLTS) Waivers support children who are living at home or in the community who have substantial limitations in multiple daily activities as a result of one or more of the following disabilities:

  • Developmental disabilities (DD)
  • Severe emotional disturbances (SED)
  • Physical disabilities (PD)
  • Combination of the above

CLTS Waiver funding can be used to support services that are based on the individual needs of the child. The intent of the service provision is to help maintain the child in their home or community environment, are based on the individualized assessment of the child’s strengths and needs, and are selected with the input and consultation of the child’s family. Some examples of different services that could be covered include: adaptive aids, communication aids, supportive home care, specialized medical and therapeutic supplies, and respite care. Families may apply for this program, and other Children’s long-term care programs, through Threshold by completing a single application process.

How to Apply

Parents may contact the CompassWisconsin: Threshold consultant at 866-710-4054. The consultant will explain the program benefits and eligibility process, plus assist the family in deciding whether or not the children’s long-term support service is likely to be appropriate for their child. If the parent wishes to apply, the consultant will send the family an application packet.

Once the parent has completed all the paperwork and obtained the required documentation, the parent will need to call the Threshold consultant to set up the required home visit. The home visit is used to review the application materials for completeness, verify certain documentation, answer questions and give the consultant an opportunity to meet the family and child. Once all the application materials are complete, including required documentation, the consultant submits the child’s application to the Bureau of Children’s Services (BCS). BCS reviews all program eligibility criteria and sends the family a letter that specifies whether or not the child is eligible.

For more information on how to apply for the CLTS Waiver, or learn about support for children with special needs please check the Children’s Long Term Support website.

If you would like to talk to someone for more information about this program, you may also contact: