Removal from Inmate Search

The information listed on the Kenosha County Inmate Search should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Inmate information changes quickly, and the reported information may not reflect the current status of an inmate.

The charges listed are the charges the Arresting Agency issued at the time of arrest but may not be the final charges that are charged by the District Attorney. Refer to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website for final charges.

If you believe you should be removed from the Inmate Search for any reason, we require proof from the Crime Information Bureau that the fingerprints for the arrest were removed from the Wisconsin Criminal History Repository. If you can provide confirmation the arrest is removed from the repository, the Sheriff’s Department will consider removing the public arrest record from the Inmate Search. You can contact the Jail at 262-605-5111 for further instructions on how to provide proof of confirmation. In accordance with Wisconsin’s Public Record law, we are not legally required to remove any records.

To determine if you are eligible to have your arrest removed, view the Background Check & Criminal History Information from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.