Past Highway Projects

Highway U Intersection Projects - Completed 2022/2023

This project addressed safety concerns and made improvements to traffic capacity at the intersection of Highway C and Highway U and the intersection of Highway Q and Highway U.

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Highway K Reconstruction Project - Completed Late 2022

This project included the reconstruction and expansion of Highway K into a four-lane roadway with an off-street, multiuse trail between the Union Pacific Railroad crossing west of Indian Trail High School and Academy to 94th Court.

Highway S Expansion Project - Completed Late 2021

This project reconstructed the original two-lane rural roadway into a four-lane divided roadway, improving its safety and capacity and reducing congestion. 

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Highway H Reconstruction Project - Completed 2021

This project involved drainage and pavement improvements along Highway H between Highway 165 and the Illinois state line in the Village of Pleasant Prairie. 

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Highway F Reconfiguration Project - Completed Late 2020

This project addressed safety and operational deficiencies on the current Highway F corridor between Highway O and 352nd Avenue in the Town of Randall and the Village of Twin Lakes.

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