I am a Provider in Comprehensive Community Services

Once the reimbursement team has approved your agency and staff members to deliver comprehensive community services (CCS), the following information is helpful to you to get started, or continue to support clients. The reimbursement team is required to vet all staff background checks and provider credentials, licensing, and certifications.

The Kenosha County CCS Program reserves the right to accept or deny any new provider request to join the CCS  provider network. Any new agency requesting to join the CCS provider network is required to provide  verification of the specialty area in which the agency indicates they provide services, and a bio of the staff member joining (format provided).

Upon approval and receiving access, you will be notified regarding CCS Systems for providers.

Orientation and Ongoing Trainings

Training to get started (orientation training) and ongoing training is managed by Marie LePine, Regional Coordinator. Initial orientation and ongoing training is required and is determined by your credentials. The regional CCS model supports orientation and ongoing training for continued qualification of your service delivery. You will use the online portal of SmarterU to access training.

The online portal for CCS information, policies, and procedures: SharePoint

Quarterly Meetings

Kenosha County hosts regular quarterly meetings for all approved service providers. Meetings are voluntary but prove helpful to assist you with answering ongoing questions, connecting with other area providers, and remaining privy to updates or changes.

To learn when the next meeting is, please contact Katie Hanks, Reimbursement Manager.