Benefit specialists help answer questions and solve problems related to many public benefits such as Social Security, Medicaid, other health insurances and public benefits for people age 60 and older and adults (age 18 to 59) with a physical or cognitive disability or a mental illness.

Several resources have been specifically developed to meet the needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Part D / Drug Insurance Assistance

The Medicare Part D Annual Election Period runs from October 15 through December 7 each year. During this time people can change, disenroll or enroll in Part D plans. The Elder Benefit Specialist Program offers continued assistance to older adults and those who work with seniors in understanding Medicare Part D / Drug Insurance. Older adults who are currently on, or soon going on Medicare and have no other prescription drug insurance may want to learn about Part D / Drug Insurance. Presentations are scheduled beginning mid-September at various locations and times.

One on One Assistance

For those who need help picking a plan. This consists of individual one on one assistance and web access to compare plans. Please bring a list of your current medications. Appointments are scheduled in 10 to 15 minute increments.

ASK the Benefit Specialist

If you have a brief or simple Medicare question, contact the Elder Benefit Specialist.

Medicare Workshops

Monthly workshops are offered to help people gain a better understanding of Medicare are offered. Upcoming Medicare Workshops are listed on the events page. PLEASE NOTE: Medicare Workshops have been suspended due to COVID 19.  The "Welcome to Medicare" On Line Series listed below is a valuable resource during this time! 

The Medicare Workshops provide instruction about:

  • Terminology
  • Regulations
  • Appeals and grievances
  • Fraud
  • Resolving problems

Reservations Requested

Please call the Aging & Disability Resource Center to make a reservation or appointment for these or any other benefit issues. Call 262-605-6646 or 1-800-472-8008.

"Welcome to Medicare" On-Line Series 

Share all or any part of the educational series from the Wisconsin State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) to help consumers learn about Medicare. Presented by Debbie Bisswurm, GWAAR Medicare Outreach Coordinator. Download the Welcome to Medicare series Powerpoint to print and share with your audience.

Please note: Adobe Flash Player is required to play these videos.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Understanding Your Medicare Options (PDF) Handout
  • Medigap Helpline: for your Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plan questions, call 1-800-242-1060
  • Disability Drug Benefit Helpline: for your Medicare Part D questions, call 1-800-926-4862
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Rights Center: Medicare can be a complex program. That’s why the Medicare Rights Center has created a short video, which explains fundamentals that everyone with Medicare needs to know

Volunteer Opportunities Intensive training as well as quarterly inservices are required to be volunteers with the Elder Benefit Specialist Program. Volunteers can meet with individuals or in small group sessions at the office, Senior Centers, or home visits as needed. Volunteers will be knowledgeable and utilized in the following program areas:

  • Medicare Counseling
  • SeniorCareRX
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Savings Programs/QMB/SLMB
  • Office Assistance

If you are interested in volunteering with the Medicare program, please call 262-605-6646 and ask to speak with the Benefits Specialist Supervisor.