Abuse Reporting

Reporting Abuse

  • By law your identity is kept confidential.
  • Call 262-605-6646 or 800-472-8008 during the day; evenings and weekends call 262-657-7188.
  • A staff member will listen to your concerns.
  • An APS worker will assess the situation and offer options. If the person accepts help, he or she is linked to services.
  • Remember, a competent adult has the right to decline assistance.
  • If alleged abuse is confirmed, appropriate legal action is pursued.

How You Can Help


  • Maintain close ties with impaired friends, neighbors and relatives.
  • Examine closely your ability to provide long-term, in-home care; explore alternative sources of care.
  • Ask for sources of help and use them.
  • Recognize that many forms of abuse and mistreatments are crimes.
  • Contact Adult Protective Services if you suspect adult abuse in your family or community.


  • Offer personal home care unless you thoroughly understand and can meet the demands, responsibilities and costs involved.
  • Ignore your limitations and over extend yourself when caring for an impaired adult.
  • Hamper the impaired adult’s independence or intrude unnecessarily on the impaired adult’s privacy.
  • Ignore signs of abuse in the community because you aren’t related to the suspected victim.
  • Neglect reporting suspected abuse for fear of financial or legal responsibility.