Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is committed to a "Zero Tolerance Policy" against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and staff sexual misconduct inside its detention facilities. This includes all forms of sexual conduct between offenders, detainees, staff, volunteers, contractors or visitors. Regardless of the reason for being in custody, individuals in detention have equal rights to safety, dignity, and justice. Additionally, Inmates, detainees and employees have the right to be free from any retaliation for reporting sexual abuse or harassment.

This agency has a policy to ensure that allegations of sexual abuse & harassment are referred for investigation to an agency with the legal authority to conduct criminal investigations, unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior. When a conflict exists, and it is determined that a criminal investigation from an outside entity is to be conducted, these entities are agreed to generally be mutual aid providers for the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and consist primarily of but are not limited to the Racine and Walworth County Sheriff Departments. In such an instance, this entity shall assist the investigating entity by providing necessary information, access to the physical plant and staff, and other reasonable resources that are necessary to investigate an incident consistent to internal department standards (at minimum) and to be kept appraised of the status of the investigation.

A report of sexual abuse or sexual harassment may be made on behalf of someone in custody three ways: 1) verbally to any staff member, 2) by submitting a letter to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department at 1000 55th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140, or 3) by submission of an electronic report via this web site. (Anonymous submissions are possible.) Alleged victims must agree to have requests filed on their behalf, and to pursue any subsequent steps in the administrative process. Listed documents coupled with additional aggravated data and continuous reporting assessments are available by way of the Public Information Sergeant.