Dementia Information and Education

Community Events and Workshops

NEW: The Kenosha Area Dementia Activities Calendar is an easy way to view dementia related events and education opportunities offered by community providers in the Kenosha area.

ADRC Workshops

Lunch n learnFree Lunch and Learn workshops are offered throughout the year by the Dementia Care Specialist. Call the ADRC to learn more: 262-605-6646.

Community Education

The ADRC provides ongoing community education throughout the year in both the county and the City of Kenosha:

Savvy Caregiver

This bold and innovative program is designed specifically for family caregivers of persons living with dementia.

The Savvy Caregiver Training Program provides over twelve hours of face-to-face training with dementia experts, a caregiver manual and access to additional online caregiving tools. The participant will gain:

  • Knowledge to manage activities of daily living
  • Skills to assess the abilities of your family member and adjust your approach as needed
  • Confidence to set and achieve caregiving goals

For more information and to register, call Susan Johnson, Dementia Care Specialist, at 262-605-6602.

Dementia Training - a 3-part series

  • Dementia 101
  • Safety and Dementia: Practical Tips for the Caregiver
  • Communication and Behaviors Common to Dementia

Call the ADRC at 262-605-6606 for information.