Financial Information

Willowbrook Assisted Living W LogoWillowbrook Assisted Living uses a "Levels of Care" model of payment, known as "tiered pricing." Individuals will be assessed to determine their level of care needs prior to admission and as needed, during residency.

The levels are set by an assessment rating scale and evaluation process. They cannot be chosen by the individual. A complete list of services included in each level, in addition to additional services and fees, can be provided upon request.

  • Basic level: $5,780 per month
  • Enhanced level: $6,706 per month
  • Advanced level: $7,632 per month

Applicants are responsible for providing financial information demonstrating that they have sufficient financial resources available to allow residency for two years minimum. 

Willowbrook does not accept Medicaid waiver programs, such as Family Care, Family Care Partnership, IRIS, Community Options Program Waiver (COP), or Community Integration Program Waiver (CIP). We do accept long-term care insurance.

Intake Fee

A one-time intake fee of $1,000 is collected prior to move-in. This fee is to cover the administrative costs of processing your application, including the comprehensive assessment.

Security Deposit

A security deposit in the amount of $1,500 is due upon admission. This security deposit will be refunded by mail within 30 days of termination of the Residency Agreement unless there are costs incurred by the facility due to the resident’s damage, waste, or neglect, which shall not include ordinary wear and tear.