Fall Prevention Workshops

Wisconsin ranks #1 in the nation for deadly falls among the elderly.

One-third of people over the age of 65 will fall every year and six percent of these falls are serious enough to require hospitalization. 

There is some good news, falls are preventable. Stepping On and Stand Up for Your Health are two workshops that can help you become more confident, leading to a lower falls risk. 

Stepping On

Stepping On classes are highly participatory, mutual support and success builds participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their health behaviors, reduce their risk of falls, and maintain active and fulfilling lives.

The workshop has been designed specifically for people who are: 

  • at risk of falling,
  • have a fear of falling, or 
  • who have fallen one or more times. 

Video: Stepping On- Fall Prevention

Participants meet for two hours a week for seven weeks. Workshops are facilitated by trained leaders and provide a safe and positive learning experience. 

Who should take the workshop?

Stepping On is for older adults or others who live in their home or independent apartment, are able to walk without the help of another person, rarely use a walker, scooter or wheelchair and do not have cognitive issues.

Benefits of attending a Stepping On workshop:

  • Gain confidence when walking outside your home
  • Become more aware of fall hazards and learn how to reduce your risk of falls
  • Obtain the most up-to-date information on falls prevention
  • Learn with people your own age

The Kenosha County Stepping On workshops run throughout the year. If you are interested in attending a workshop or getting more information, you can complete our Stepping On online registration form or call ADRC at (262) 605-6646. 

Stand Up for Your Health

This evidence-based program is designed to help older adults reduce sitting time by standing up and moving more. Stand Up for Your Health meets in a group setting once a week for two hours for four weeks, followed by a booster session at week 8.

It is not an exercise program, instead it focuses on reducing your sitting time by standing up and moving more often and for longer duration throughout the day. Even little changes - standing up and moving more - can have significant health benefits.

Who should take the workshop?

Participants in the Stand Up for Your Health program should be:

  • 55+ years old
  • Able to stand up on their own
  • Sits on average 6+ hours per day

Based on research, Stand Up for Your Health is shown to:

  • Reduce sedentary behavior by 68 minutes per day
  • Reduce problems performing daily activities
  • Reduce pain interference and intensity
  • Improve functional performance and vitality

Video: Stand Up for Your Health

To register, call the ADRC at 262-605-6646 or complete the Stand Up for Your Health registration.