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Among our roles under the Wisconsin Elders Act is to "Assist in representing needs, views and concerns of older individuals in local decision making and assist older individuals in expressing their views to elected officials and providers of services."

"When we ask for a chance to live our old age in comfort, creativity, and usefulness, we ask it not for ourselves alone, but for you. We are not a special interest group. We are your roots. You are our continuity. What we gain is your inheritance." - Irene Paull

The Kenosha County ADRC will work to provide older adults and persons with disabilities with information about public policy and issues that are relative to services, benefits, and access to care.

We strive to provide you with the facts as we know them, and the possible implications of proposed policy changes. It is important for people to consider the possible effects of legislative actions, in order to fully participate in thoughtful discussion and critical thinking. We encourage you to share your point of view. Policymakers cannot know what their constituents are thinking about specific issues unless those thoughts are communicated.

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Action Steps to Consider:

  1. Use the links above to find and contact your representatives.
  2. Contact the Kenosha County Division of Aging and Disability Services with your views, Contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center and put "Advocacy" in the subject line.
  3. Write a "Letter to the Editor"
    Kenosha News Voice of the People (scroll to bottom of the page)
    • Writers are limited to 1 letter per calendar month
    • Letters must not exceed 275 words
    • Must include name, address and phone number for verification purposes; may request that name be withheld
    • Complete an online submission or mail to:
      Kenosha News Voice of the People
      5800 Seventh Avenue
      Kenosha, WI 53140