Long Term Care Worker Project

About the Project

The Kenosha County Long Term Care Workforce Alliance (Alliance) is the result of the Long Term Care Worker Project. Kenosha County, like many other areas in the state and county, has had a problem with recruitment and retention of frontline workers in nursing homes, home health agencies and assisted living facilities which affect the quality of care for elders and persons with disabilities.

Research has shown a marked discrepancy between workers’ feelings about their professions and how they think it is viewed by people in their communities.

Kenosha County Long Term Care Workforce Alliance (KCLTCWA - Alliance) 

The Alliance is a coalition of public and private organizations that recognize the critical and indispensable role caregivers play in meeting the long term care needs of the elderly and disabled in Kenosha County. The Alliance was established to develop and support local and state solutions for the ever increasing shortage of healthcare workers serving individuals in need of long term care.

The Alliance Slogan

The Alliance’s slogan is When Caring is a Career. Visit the Allliance FaceBook page at  www.facebook.com/KenoshaCaringCareers

For additional information, contact:
Laura Wojciechowicz, LTCW Alliance Coordinator - 262-653-2706, [email protected] OR
Sherri Dabbs, LTCW Alliance Secretary - 262-697-4549, [email protected]