Volunteer Guardian Services

Volunteer Guardians

Volunteer guardians play an integral role in the life of an at-risk elderly or disabled adult. Serving as a legal decision maker and advocate for an individual, a volunteer guardian is appointed by the court to make health, welfare and/or financial decisions for a adult in need. Volunteer guardians make important decisions and advocate for individuals who can no longer make decisions for themselves.

The Volunteer Guardian Services program recruits, trains and provides on-going assistance to support volunteers so they may successfully and competently perform their role as legal guardian. Before being appointed as a guardian a volunteer must:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Be screened by criminal and caregiver background checks
  • Attend a two-hour orientation and training session

For more information, download a brochure (PDF) or contact Lisa Koenen at 262-697-4675 or email us.