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Advance Directives - Advance Directives are legal documents written and signed by you that allow you to communicate decisions and wishes about medical care to family, friends and health care professionals in the event that you are no longer able to make those decisions.

Why do you need an advance directive? We spend an enormous amount of time planning birthday parties, weddings and other events but how many of us spend even a quarter of that time planning and discussing what WE would want when we are facing future medical decisions including end of life preferences? Do our families know our wishes, desires, values? By having and documenting a conversation about our wishes, we remove guilt, fear and questions faced by family member(s) who may be in a position to make decisions for us.

Talk and it for yourself and the people close to you. View a video by Honoring Choices Wisconsin, a major initiative to promote the benefits of and process for advance care planning.

If you’ve been wanting to finish your power of attorney for health care but you’re not sure how to start. We’re here to help! 

The ADRC has staff available on Wednesday mornings to assist Kenosha County residents (age 18 and older) to complete the Wisconsin Power of Attorney for Health Care and discuss the considerations and options. Please call 262-605-6646 or contact one of the other community resources available to offer support. File of Life - File of Life is a tool for documenting personal health information and communicating with first responders.

Guardianship - Guardianship is a legal process that is utilized when an individual is unable to make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his/her person and/or property.

Volunteer Guardian Services (VGS) - VGS is a program that matches trained and qualified community members with adults who can no longer make important life decisions. The volunteer is appointed by the court as the adult’s legal decision-maker.

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