Emergency Preparedness

Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP

Emergencies can strike at any time and the result can range from being a little annoying to completely devastating. Personal emergency preparedness can help minimize an emergency’s impact and aid in its manageability.

The purpose of  PEP is to assist Kenosha county older adults and persons with disabilities in preparing for an emergency or natural disaster. Preparation steps can be as simple as filling out a File of Life (PDF) / File of Life Español (PDF), packing a Go Bag, Shelter Kit, or Car Kit, and/or completing an Emergency Checklist

Learn more: Council on Physical Disabilities Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

Plan ahead for disasters at Ready.

Helpful information

File of Life

The File of Life is designed to help your Fire Department Paramedics obtain your necessary medical history and emergency contact information in the event of an emergency. It could help save your life.

The Refrigerator Magnet File of Life Holder

The form, which is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled FILE OF LIFE, lists the patient’s name, emergency medical contacts, other vital information, medications, allergies, recent surgeries, doctor’s name and a health care proxy. The entire pocket is held, with a magnet to the outside of the refrigerator.

The File of life form and magnet are free and available at:
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center
8600 Sheridan Road
Kenosha, WI 53143

Or you can download and complete a fillable version of the File of Life form (PDF). It may be saved to your computer and updated. It is recommended that the File of Life be updated with any change in condition, medications or providers. You may also download basic instructions (PDF) on how to use the File of Life.

If you are using the electronic form, please contact us at 262-605-6646 or via email if you would like us to mail you the plastic pocket with refrigerator magnet.

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Go Bag and Shelter Kit

Emergencies come in all different forms and can range from having to evacuate your home quickly or having to stay at home with out access to electricity or water. Below are two things you can do to help prepare for either situation.

Pack a Go Bag

Keep a go bag near to an exit in your home. If an emergency arises in which you have to evacuate your home quickly, your Go-Bag will contain basic items you will need such as a three day supply of your medications and personal care items. To plan, we recommend using our Go-Bag complete suggestion list (PDF) as a starting point. View the Spanish version of the Go-Bag complete suggestion list (PDF).

Pack a Shelter in Place Kit

Place the suggested items in a plastic lidded container. The Emergency Shelter in place kit should contain the following items:

  • Three day supply of water
  • Three day supply of non-perishable food
  • High energy foods such as granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter and, jelly and crackers

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Emergency Car Kit

Emergencies can strike at any time, day or night, in any place. Putting together an Emergency Car Kit is another way to stay prepared. An emergency car kit is crucial for breakdowns and unusual weather conditions. It is always good to keep essential supplies in your car in case you get stranded for a few hours or even a few days.

What to Pack:

  • AM/FM radio to listen to traffic reports and emergency messages
  • Blankets to keep warm inside the vehicle
  • Cat litter or sand for tire traction on snow and ice
  • First aid kit also pack necessary medications incase you are stuck on the road
  • Flashlights and extra batteries for increased visibility
  • Food pack items containing protein such as nuts and energy bars, also canned fruit and a portable can opener are good additions
  • Ice scraper to clear windshield
  • Jumper cables to restart engine
  • Shovel to scrape snow away from tires
  • Warm clothes, gloves, a hat, sturdy boots, warm jacket, and even a change of clothes
  • Water - bring enough for each person in your car and any pets

Also Consider:

  • Baby formula and diapers if you have a small child
  • Bring a cell phone if you have one with a list of emergency numbers
  • Fill your gas tank
  • If you find yourself stranded, be safe and stay in your car, put on your flashers, call for help and wait until it arrives

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Emergency Checklist

Printing out an Emergency Checklist (PDF) and planning ahead will help protect you and your family when disaster strikes. This checklist will help you get started. Discuss these ideas with your family, friends, or a personal care attendant, and prepare an emergency plan. Post the plan where everyone will see it.

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EZ ID is a valuable safety tool, not only for children but for anyone. The flash drive contains:

  • Streaming video
  • Digital voiceprint
  • Digital photograph
  • Full set of digitally scanned fingerprints
  • General physical information

Private and sensitive data are encrypted and accessible only to law enforcement. The Volunteer Center of Racine offers the program year-round and encourages all parents and guardians to enroll their family members who may benefit. To enroll, check the website for upcoming event locations or contact the Volunteer Center of Racine at 262-886-9612.

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