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KCDHS Budget Worksheets

Notice to KCDHS Providers - Audit Requirement Information

Important information regarding the State of Wisconsin requirements for audits.
This DHS Audit Guide Requirements 1.8 and 1.9 Peer Review document (PDF) is part of the 2010 revision to the Department of Health Services Audit Guide, which is an appendix to the State Single Audit Guidelines for programs from the Department of Health Services. This information is to be used in conjunction with other sections of the DHS Audit Guide and with the Main Document of the State Single Audit Guidelines.

Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE)

KCDHS uses an Outcome Based Evaluation Approach to enhance program monitoring and evaluation practices. During a Request for Proposal process, proposal responses may require use of standard forms (logic model and program evaluation forms), followed by standard reporting methods for any resulting contracts.

Resources on Outcome-Based Evaluation (OBE)

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