Adopt A Trail

Somers Chargers 4-H Club Adopt-A-TrailThe Adopt-A-Trail program is an opportunity for nature-loving, conservation-minded groups of all sizes and types to sponsor a section of Kenosha County Parks’ trail system by volunteering to conduct routine maintenance and help control invasive non-native plants. To adopt a trail, fill out the form found here.

Individuals or groups may adopt a trail or segment of a trail in Kenosha County Parks by volunteering their time to help keep the trail clean and safe. As representatives of the Kenosha County Parks Division, Adopt-A-Trail sponsors:

  • Collect litter and perform minor trail maintenance.
  • Assist with the control of invasive species and planting of native species.
  • Record and report to Kenosha County Parks staff any major or hazardous trail obstructions.
  • Properly dispose of recyclable materials.
  • Gather and return any "lost and found" items to the Kenosha County Parks office.
  • Inform visitors about regulations and available facilities.

Current groups making a difference: 

AvailableKenosha County Boardwalk Trail Highway A to Highway KR
AvailableKenosha County Multi-Use Trail Highway KR to Highway E
Kenosha Velosport CyclingKenosha County Multi-Use Trail Birch Road to 35th Street
AvailableKenosha County Multi-Use Trail 89th Street to 116th Street
AvailableKenosha County Multi-Use Trail 116th Street to State line
Somers Chargers 4-H ClubCarthage to Parkside Multi-Use Trail Birch Road to Petrifying Springs Park
Boy Scout Group and Venture Crew 328Silver Lake Icehouse Trail Silver Lake to Highway F
Salem Lakes Flood RatsFox River Park, All Trails
AvailableBristol Woods Park, All Trails
Kemper Center, Inc.Kemper Center Recreation Trail
Boy Scouts of America Troop 538Petrifying Springs Park, All Trails
AvailableSilver Lake Park, All Hiking Trails
AvailableKenosha County Veterans Memorial Park, All Trails
AvailableBrighton Dale Park, All Trails