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View the various resource lists compiled by the Aging and Disability Resource Center. Select the resource list Title to open a printable version of the resource list.

TitleDescriptionAvailable in Spanish
Community Services Directory (PDF)Booklet containing a variety of Community Resources for older adults and individuals with disabilities.Yes (PDF)
Contacting Your Legislators (PDF)Names and contact information for Federal and State of Wisconsin elected officials.No
Driver Training, Evaluation and Modification Resources (PDF)Resources for older drivers, including driving assessments, driving schools & classes, and vehicle assessments & modifications.Yes (PDF)
Durable Medical and Mobility Resources (PDF)Businesses that provide home medical equipment, supplies, services, and repairs.Yes (PDF)
Exercise Options for Seniors (PDF)List of free or low-cost exercise options around Kenosha County.Yes (PDF)
Eye Care Options (PDF)List including financial assistance programs for obtaining eyeglasses and eye exams and locations where ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians in the area may be able to bill Medicare or Medicaid.
Yes (PDF)
Food Assistance Programs and Food Pantries (PDF)Information on FoodShare (food stamps), food pantries, soup kitchens, senior dining programs & locations, and Meals on Wheels.Yes (PDF)
Hiring a Caregiver (PDF)Booklet of things to consider when hiring a caregiver. Booklet contains tips, steps, tools and helpful websites that can be utilized when going through the hiring process to ensure the safety of the care recipient.No
Home Health Care Agencies (PDF)List of agencies that provide skilled nursing and therapy services. Services may be covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid.Yes (PDF)
Home Modifications and Accessibility Providers (PDF)

Providers who build ramps, rent ramps, or make other home modifications for increased accessibility around the home.Yes (PDF)
Hospice Providers (PDF)List of agencies that provide Hospice services which are services that focus on controlling pain and discomfort for individuals who have a terminal illness.Yes (PDF)
Housing - Affordable (PDF)List of Affordable Housing apartment options.Yes (PDF)
Housing - Assisted Living (PDF)List of all assisted living options, including Adult Family Homes, Community Based Residential Facilities, and Residential Care Apartment ComplexesYes (PDF)
Housing - Market Rate (PDF)List of Market Rate apartment options.Yes (PDF)
Housing - Nursing Home (PDF)List of nursing homes in the area and information about the admission process. Yes (PDF)
Housing - Subsidized (PDF)List of the Subsidized apartment options. Yes (PDF)
Legal Information (PDF)List of options regarding obtaining legal information.Yes (PDF)
Loan Closets (PDF)List of businesses that offer durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, shower chairs, and crutches for no charge.Yes (PDF)
Low-Cost Healthcare Resources (PDF)Healthcare services and prescription assistance for people who are uninsured or underinsured.Yes (PDF)
Personal Emergency Response and Monitoring Systems (PDF)List of providers for Lifeline and other in-home monitoring systems.Yes (PDF)
Recreation and Wellness Guide (PDF)Booklet containing the options for arts & entertainment, exercise & recreation programs, group sports, travel, and adaptive services & equipment for individuals with disabilities.Yes (PDF)
Respite and Adult Day Care Services (PDF)Programs and agencies that provide social and recreational programs for older adults and/or persons with disabilities and provide relief for the primary caregiver.Yes (PDF)
Supportive Home Care Services (PDF)List of agencies that provide non-medical services such as personal care, homemaking, meal preparation, companionship, errands, etc...These services are typically private pay and not covered by insurance.Yes (PDF)
Transportation Providers (PDF)Resources for public and private transportation options, including city transit, specialized medical transportation, and taxis.Yes (PDF)
Youth Transition Guide (PDF)What’s Next? A guide covering many topics for young adults as they transition from youth to adult services.No

Disclaimer:  This information is provided as is with no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information. Information is considered to be accurate as of the date of the last update, printed above. The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) may not be held liable for the misuse of this information.

The ADRC does not recommend or screen the business or service organizations in our database and is not responsible for any vendor business policies. Please use your discretion when calling for services, requesting estimates, and reviewing references and licensure. 

For professional license information, you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing by phone, 1-608-266-2112, or access their website.

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau by phone: 1-800-273-1002.