Communicable Diseases

Certain diseases and conditions are considered to have significant public health impact, and any confirmed or suspected cases must be reported promptly.

To report a Communicable Disease to Kenosha County Division of Health by phone: (262) 605-6700

Wisconsin Communicable Disease Reporting Information

For information about specific communicable disease subjects visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Last Updated 11/5/12 – Kenosha County Health Department has identified a significant number of pertussis cases over the past few months. Pertussis begins with respiratory symptoms of cold and cough and can quickly progress into severe fits of coughing and may be accompanied by vomiting. The classic cough (sounds like a whoop) may or may not be present. In some cases, the illness may seem to be a cold accompanied by a prolonged cough, which can last for six weeks or more. The pertussis disease is known as the "cough for 100 days." Pertussis is spread by contact with the respiratory secretions or airborne droplets from an infected person. The most effective way to prevent pertussis is through vaccination with DTaP for infants and children and with Tdap for pre-teens, teens and adults, including parents/grandparents, as protection from the childhood vaccine fades over time.

For Parents: Immunization Clinic information

Pertussis Disease Fact Sheet (PDF)

For Healthcare Providers:

Influenza (flu) 

Last Updated 11/5/12 - Influenza is a contagious disease caused by influenza viruses that infect the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs). It can cause mild to severe illness, sometimes leading to death. Influenza symptoms often begin suddenly, with fever, headache, tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches. The best way to prevent influenza is to get vaccinated each year.

Influenza Vaccination is available at our Nurse of the Day Clinic