Election and Voting Information

MyVote WisconsinMyVote Wisconsin is a website for all Wisconsin voters, registered and non-registered. This site provides voters with election information and resources. Voters may view or update voter registration, view sample ballots, and find their municipal clerk and polling location information.

MyVote Wisconsin is a service and product of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Kenosha County Voter Statistics

Kenosha County Voter Statistics: 2018-2023

Upcoming Elections

Spring Primary Election: February 20, 2024 (If Necessary)

Spring Election & Presidential Preference Primary: April 2, 2024

Partisan Primary Election: August 13, 2024

General Election: November 5, 2024

Badger Book

Wisconsin's Electronic Poll Book

Wisconsin Election CommissionIn 2017, Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) staff developed an electronic poll book system to be used in polling places in Wisconsin on Election Day.

Enabled by Wis. Stat. § 6.79(1m), the Badger Book is the only electronic poll book authorized for use in Wisconsin elections. Within each polling place, Badger Books are connected securely to communicate with each other. They do not connect to the internet or any other network outside the polling place.

Some Kenosha County municipalities have used badger books in previous elections, and some will be using them starting in the 2022 election cycle.

More Information on Badger Books

How Wisconsin Administers Fair Elections

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has created a page on their site for frequently asked questions about the elections and voting process in Wisconsin, and how Wisconsin Elections are administered to be accurate and fair. There is also a page with frequently asked questions in regards to the 2020 elections. Both are linked below. 

Wisconsin Elections Commission FAQs