Short Term Care Admission

What does short-term care mean?

Short-term care residents require skilled nursing care or rehabilitation with a goal to return to their home or to a facility that suits their needs, such as a senior apartment complex or assisted living facility, upon discharge. A short-term care resident typically requires physical and occupational therapy following a knee or hip replacement. A short-term care resident may also require physical, occupational or speech therapy following a medical problem or a surgical procedure.

A short-term care resident is typically eligible for Medicare Part A benefits and meets the criteria for Medicare Part A eligibility. Visit the Medicare website for further information about Medicare Part A benefits.

The traditional Medicare A plan covers a maximum of 100 days of skilled nursing facility charges. The first 20 days of confinement in a skilled nursing facility are covered in full by Medicare; days 21 through 100 are covered with a beneficiary co-insurance. This co-insurance rate may be covered by a Medicare supplement.

Medicare Advantage plans replace the traditional Medicare plans, and coverage begins on the first day of confinement in a skilled nursing facility. However, a third-party payor establishes the benefits that may or may not be consistent with Medicare benefits.

Applicants for short-term care are responsible for understanding and verifying supplemental insurance benefits or Medicare Advantage benefits prior to admission. Brookside Care Center participates in some preferred provider plans.

Applicants are responsible for determining preferred provider status prior to admission.

Short Term Care Admission Policies and Procedures

  1. Complete a short-term care pre-admission application (PDF), and return it to the Admissions/Marketing Coordinator with copies of the following documents: Medicare and/or Medicaid card and health insurance card(s).
  2. Brookside Care Center does not accept individuals enrolled in the Family Care/Community Program.
  3. Upon admission to the hospital, inform your assigned Social Worker of your desire to rehabilitate at Brookside Care Center.
  4. Please contact the Admissions/Marketing Coordinator if your scheduled hospital admission has been canceled.