Long Term Care Admission

What does long-term care mean?

Long-term care residents require custodial and/or skilled nursing care for an indefinite period of time. These residents may have a goal to return to their home or to another facility that suits their needs. They may wish to make Brookside Care Center their home.

A long-term care resident agrees to pay for services utilizing one of the following payment methods: 

  • Private pay (savings, investments, pension funds, and Social Security)
  • Private pay with a supplement from a long-term care insurance policy
  • Medicaid/Title 19

A long-term care resident may qualify for Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B coverage for skilled nursing services, such as rehabilitation or wound care. Medicare limits that coverage to 100 days per benefit period, and a resident must meet the defined criteria. Visit Medicare’s website for further information about this program.

Long-Term Care Admission Policies and Procedures

  1. Complete the long-term care preadmission application (PDF), including an accurate representation of financial assets, liabilities, and income. Return it to the Admissions/Marketing Coordinator with copies of the following documents: Medicare Card and Health Insurance Card(s).
  2. Upon admission to Brookside Care Center, copies of all legal documents such as the Power of Attorney (health care and finance), Living Will, and Guardianship will be required.
  3. Brookside Care Center does not accept individuals enrolled in the Family Care/Community Program.
  4. Applications for long-term care will no longer be accepted for a placement that is anticipated more than 6 months into the future.
  5. Brookside Care Center is a Kenosha County facility. Therefore, privilege for admission is given to Kenosha County residents.